What makes Indigo Sage environmentally responsible?

We are a proud partner of the Healthy Seas Initiative and 1% for the Planet. Through these programs, "ghost" fishing nets that have been lost or discarded at sea are retrieved from marine locations around the world.  The nylon fiber from these nets is then regenerated into a recycled material called Econyl®.  Next, our state-of-the-art Italian textile mill creates a beautiful, durable, soft, resilient fabric with the perfect amount of stretch and support for swimwear. Visit healthyseas.org for more information.


what makes indigo sage SOCIALLY responsible?

Our swimwear is designed in Hawaii and manufactured domestically to ensure liveable wages and safe working conditions for our workers.  In addition to opposing sweatshop labor overseas, we are actively supporting domestic job creation in the USA. There are many talented and motivated individuals in the manufacturing sector right here in our own country, and we are proud to support them in their work.