Creative Director Taleah Smith has worked in the garment design industry for the past twleve years.  Her experience ranges from concept design, pattern drafting, draping, and sample making to manufacturing, sales, marketing, and graphic and web design. She has designed for men, women, and children, ranging from casual clothing to wedding gowns to swimwear and lingerie.

Maintaining a sustainable lifestyle has always been important to her, and she incorporates eco-friendly practices into her business model wherever she can.  This has included using solar power for manufacturing, sourcing eco-friendly materials, and reducing the carbon footprint of her company.

All of Taleah's designs boast the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits: in addition to running a successful business, Taleah strives to promote sustainability and fair labor practices through her work. She lives in Waimea, Hawaii with her two children, Sage and Lilia, for whom the company is named.

Indigo Sage is an environmentally and socially responsible swimwear company based in Hawaii.  We take pride in our partnership with Healthy Seas, an initiative to transform discarded fishing nets into high quality textiles that can be used in the garment industry. Through 1% for the Planet, we help to fund the Healthy Seas initiative, promoting environmental education, sustainable textile innovation, and marine habitat restoration around the world.

Our swimwear features sassy Brazilian cuts with a unique Hawaiian twist.  The designs are simple yet flattering, and feature seamless, reversible construction.  They are made in the US to ensure socially-responsible, fair trade labor practices.

Sustainable luxury.  What more could you want? You can truly feel good about what you wear when you're in an Indigo Sage bikini.  Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.